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SGU Ep 10, "Resurgence"



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Post Wed Dec 01, 2010 7:04 am

SGU Ep 10, "Resurgence"

Well, as far as cliffhangers go, this ep, was right on the money, why oh why do we have to wait months for the next ep!!

I thought this ep,was a good change of pace, nothing to deep, just a good action ep. I suppose the one problem with Universe, is that we dont get a really good chance to know the history of the bad guys. In SG1 we had the Goau'ld, Replicators and the Ori, and Atlantis we had the Wraith. We had a number of years to get to know each of them. With Universe though, the Destiny is in constant motion, so our chances of really getting to know the bad guys are slim, cause each jump takes them light years away from where they were. Does this detract from the show?

I thought some aspects of the show were a little to predictable, last ep we get the shuttle back, then what happens the very next show, they need to use the shuttle, maybe a little too convenient. I also thought Telford's explanation of how he got back to the Destiny was a little shallow too. It was like they were trying to squeeze it in, cause of everything else they had to fit into the ep. They perhaps could of done an entire ep, of how Telford survived.

Did anyone feel the ep was a little too crowded? Like they tried to do too much? It was an enjoyable ep, and there was the cliffhanger element to it, but certainly not one of there best.

So what are your opinions on what will happen when the show comes back on air? What did you think of "Resurgence" as a mid season finale?
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Post Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:45 am

Re: SGU Ep 10, "Resurgence"

As a regular ep I'd think it was fine. As a mid-season cliffhanger, eh, not so much. Frankly, when it ended I was like "That's it?"

It was definitely too rushed and they tried to do too many things. I love Telford's character but his whole explanation on what happened was soooo rushed. What happened to him could have been a standalone episode for sure! And the drone ships...while I liked the action and the situation they were in, it all tied together too neatly...having Telford come in to give them a way out, the doublecross which you knew was coming, them being put in a situation that you know they will get out of (you know Chloe is doing something to save them and not hurt them like they are trying to make us believe).

Anyway, overall, I enjoyed the episode for the basic classic scifi elements they used, but thought it could have been slowed down and done a little bit better. It's a smart show and seeing the characters in a dangerous situation shouldn't have felt so Star Trekky. It reminded me of one fo the weaker episodes of Voyager.

As for the aliens and not getting to know them, I think if the writing and acting are done well, you do get to know the aliens for what they are. And not all alien interactions are going to be as developed due to the Destiny's mission.
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