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GateWorld Podcast: SGU‘s ‘Malice’

by GateWorld
"Malice" (SGU 208) - Park at Stargate

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This week on the show David is joined by one of our favorite guest hosts, Diana Botsford, to talk about “Malice!” The eighth episode of Stargate Universe‘s new second season was written and directed by Robert C. Cooper, and pays off the storyline of Simeon (guest star Robert Knepper), a soldier still loyal to the Lucian Alliance.

They’ll talk about the deaths of some significant supporting characters, directing in television, and Eli and Rush’s different responses to what has happened. They’ll also discuss the fun animal stampede, Chloe’s trip to the bridge, and much more.

Be a part of the show! We want to hear your thoughts on this week’s mid-season finale of SGU, “Resurgence!” Watch the episode Tuesday night on Syfy, then call the GateWorld Podcast Hotline by this weekend.

We’ll be catching up with our discussion of “Visitation” in the meantime. If you have thoughts on that episode, get your calls in by Thursday and share ‘em with us.

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