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Browder Discusses Mitchell's Superpower

Monday - March 10, 2008 | by David Read

One can argue that 40 episodes is not nearly enough for an actor to properly flesh out a character. With two SG-1 DVD movies on the horizon this year, it may be that Cameron Mitchell will have a chance to spend a bit more time in the light of storytelling.

GateWorld talked briefly with Ben Browder to discuss the upcoming DVD feature, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, which includes an intense fight sequence for his character.

"I joked around for years that Mitchell's superpower is getting his ass whipped," Browder told GateWorld. "Everyone else seems to have some kind of superpower, and Mitchell has one. He's the Energizer Bunny of ass whipping."

If a stunt is safe enough for an actor to achieve on his own, Browder is the first to raise his hand and step up to the plate. "I don't know whether they had a cast member as vocal as I was saying 'I like to do this stuff! Come on! Put me on fire, but the ratchet on me! Throw me up against the wall.' I want to play in the dirt! I want to get dirty, muddy and bloody.

"When you look around the series, you walk into a series, say 'What do people do?' Everybody seemed to have certain things covered. There seemed to be an opening for a punching bag."

In addition to developing a six-hour miniseries with fellow Farscape veteran Andrew Prowse, Browder has kept himself busy in activities outside of television. "Right now I'm coaching pole-vaulting. Occasionally I need to demonstrate a skill and I find myself flying through the air and loving it.

"We were jumping at a very low height doing a drill the other day. The bar's at eight feet. Even jumping over eight feet and landing on the pad, running down the runway and doing that at my advanced age, I go 'This is so much fun. Maybe I'll go higher.'"

Stay tuned to GateWorld for the complete interview with Ben Browder in the coming days! Expect Stargate: The Ark of Truth in stores this Tuesday, March 11, in the United States, or pre-order yourself a copy at
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