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Browder discusses Cam and Continuum

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Saturday - February 16, 2008 | by Chad Colvin

With the DVD release of Stargate: The Ark of Truth less than a month away, and Stargate: Continuum arriving later this summer, Dreamwatch Magazine sat down with SG-1 actor Ben Browder to discuss the character progression of "Cameron Mitchell", tidbits on Continuum, and his plans for the future.

When asked how he felt his charcter had progressed over the course of his two-year stint on Stargate SG-1, Browder seemed pleased.

"I liked that 'Mitchell' is far more subtle in Season Ten within the context of the team and what he does," Browder said. "We finally figured out (his) only superpower is getting beat up and bleeding, which works perfectly for me. I am very happy with how my superpower developed, which was basically a kind of muddy stigmata."

Browder seems more than content doing action scenes and stunts, even if they occasionally take their toll physically.

"I like that nine-year-old boy stuff where you're getting beat up or sitting in an F-15," Browder said. "Playing army -- the fighting, the running, the jumping, getting muddy, dirty and all the things boys do when they're young."

"I'd come home -- and I'm known to take my clothes off occasionally -- and it's like 'Where did you get that bruise?'. I came home after Ark of Truth and my elbows were completely bruised!"

While discussing the filming of Continuum, Browder mentioned a mistake he made that could have been potentially life-threatening while he and other cast and crew members filmed scenes on location in the Arctic.

"I put my boots on the floor the night before," Browder said. "My boots were sitting there and we had a kerosene heater so it was reasonably warm. So I picked my boots up (the next day) and they were kind of cold. I reached into my bag to take out my toiletry stuff and everything was frozen solid. The cold comes up through the ice and freezes everything, so my boots were frozen."

"I thought that I would be okay, that I would slip them on, and they would warm up. But I was out on the ice for an hour and my feet were going numb. I'm in boots (that normally are) ready for a hundred degrees below, and this is a bad situation."

Browder also mentioned some of the projects he's been working on since filming on Continuum wrapped.

"I have a project I am writing," he said. "I am not sure if I can say anything about it or not. I probably shouldn't until the negotiations for the project are done. It is a step deal. It is not for Stargate, but completely separate. But it is going to be for TV."

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