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Tapping suggests timeline continuity

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Saturday - February 16, 2008 | by David Read

Last week GateWorld had the chance to sit down with Amanda Tapping ("Samantha Carter") for an extensive interview discussing the actress's career, future plans and personal life.

Among many of the questions raised was the writers' explanation for Sam's departure from Atlantis as base commander after only a season. Tapping made it clear to us that this was not originally planned. Her new television series, Sanctuary, ultimately took priority in her work life (story). But decisions have been made, and Carter must now be relocated as gracefully and logically as possible.

"I'd love to say 'Yeah, this is how they're going to do it,'" Tapping told GateWorld, "but I don't want to give away any secrets from Atlantis. And the writers have done it really cleverly."

Producers have stated that Stargate: The Ark of Truth takes place prior to Season Four of Atlantis, but that the placement of Continuum is more up in the open.

"The timeline for the movies may be slightly different than what we thought," said Tapping. "There's a little hint for you."

Could the events in Stargate: Continuum be the explanation for Sam being pulled away from Atlantis? Nothing is concrete on this side of the information fence, but it's the most plausible explanation at this point.

With Carter currently on Atlantis, one can inquire as to the status of SG-1. "What do I think happened to the team? What we've done in the past, where before Ben's character came on board the team disbanded and Daniel was doing this, Teal'c was doing that, and Vala was off doing this," Tapping told GateWorld. "I would like to think that that's what happened, not that the rest of the team kept going without her. Even though that's quite likely."

Keep your Stargate locked in to GateWorld for the extensive audio interview with Amanda Tapping in the next few days!
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