Post Sun Jun 17, 2007 9:50 am

Play Baal! (possible spoilers)

I know, corny title. But, I have a rather scary theory that was triggered by something that may have been a deliberately subtle clue, or could have been just a glitch by the sound guy. I'll explain.

In the episode the other night, where Adria gets captured by Baal, there was a scary moment (one of several, actually). If it wasn't bad enough that the Oriisi gets possesed by a Goauld, the Baal that was gloating to her before hand had a bit of an interesting voice change. At the point when his eyes glowed, he stopped using his human voice and went to Goauld voice, but it didn't sound like Baal's normal voice-it sounded like Anubis! Could it have been just an error on the production team? Yup. But it could also explain a lot. After all, Baal has a lot of clones. Who do we know that's been doing some cloning? Anubis. The Kel worriors (super soldiers) were bred in cloning facilities, as was the "Son of Anubis" that showed up in season 9. Anubis probably got the info when he probed Thor's mind.
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