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Fans ‘Meet the Man’ at RDA convention

August 20, 2010 | by Jess Tardiff

The weekend of August 6 to 8 was a memorable experience for all of those in attendance at Richard Dean Anderson’s first single man event in Vancouver, British Columbia. “Meet the Man” — arranged and expertly executed by the folks at Gabit — allowed fans the opportunity to meet and mingle with Stargate SG-1‘s leading man.

Richard entertained during a variety of Q&A panels, his playful sense of humor, eloquence, and charisma charming his audience. He sat for photos, signed autographs, and took a moment with each guest to make them feel welcomed. His session with Sea Shepard Captain Paul Watson brought forth some poignant issues, and showed how much he truly cares for the creatures of the sea.

Throughout the event, Richard was joined by his long time stunt double, Dan Shea (“Sgt. Siler”), various members of the Sea Shepard crew, Barry Campbell, head of the Arctic expedition for Stargate: Continuum; and Paul Brown, owner of the Legend’s Memorabilia Web site.

Saturday night’s auction was a whirlwind of laughter, cheers, and increasingly higher bids, with items ranging from SG-1 props and photos to signed Sea Shepard merchandise and juggling balls — which Richard personally demonstrated to delight of his fans. The highlight of the charity auction was when two very special photo opportunities sold for $11,000 each.

The evening ended with the “Duct Tape Ball” — a disco style dance that allowed attendees to show off their love for MacGyver’s trademark fix-all.

Closing ceremonies on Sunday evening illustrated the true giving nature of Richard and his fans when it was revealed that the event had raised a staggering $100,000 for the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. Both Richard and Paul Watson expressed their heartfelt thanks for the donation that would help keep the illegal whalers on the run for yet another season.

As the event came to a close, fans rose to their feet to give one final standing ovation. To thunderous applause and cheering, Mr. Anderson took his leave with arms waving and a huge, happy grin on his fac
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