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McGillion returns to Stargate Atlantis



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Post Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:59 pm

McGillion returns to Stargate Atlantis

Check out the latest news from Gateworld - McGillion returns to Stargate Atlantis
Thursday - February 14, 2008 | by Darren Sumner

Carson Beckett fans can finally dry their tears: The Scottish doctor will return for five episodes in Season Five, SCI FI Channel and MGM announced last week (story).

But first, Beckett returns in "The Kindred," a two-part episode set to air February 22 and 29 on SCI FI in the United States.

"I came back for two episodes," actor Paul McGillion told GateWorld in an interview last fall. "It was great to be back. It was just like going back home. The crew were so terrific to me and ingratiating, all the producers and the cast. It was great to be back.

"There's really some very meaty stuff for Beckett. I think especially the 'Save Carson Beckett' campaign fans will be really pleased with what the outcome is. It was so great to be back."

Beckett was a key supporting character in the show's pilot episode, "Rising," and as the expedition's chief of medicine appeared in some 16 episodes in Season One. In Season Two McGillion was promoted from "recurring" status to a regular cast member, appearing in the show's opening title sequence.

In Season Three, the show's writers surprised fans by killing off the character in a fiery explosion ("Sunday"). It seemed impossible that he could be plausibly resurrected -- as was, for example, Daniel Jackson after he died and ascended ("Meridian," "Fallen").

But resurrected he will be -- though we don't yet know how. Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has told fans that it will be Carson Beckett in the flesh who returns, and not an ascended being, a time-traveler, or alternate universe version of the character.

"When he returns for the two-parter, it will be Carson Beckett in the flesh," he told SaveCarsonBeckett.com. "... I don't want to give too much away but I can say it won't be an [alternate universe] version of Carson -- or a time-hopping Dr. Beckett either."

Learn more in GateWorld's Season Four episode guide! Season Five begins filming next week, and is expected to being airing later this year.

LATE UPDATE: Our original report stated that Joseph Mallozzi had indicated that Beckett's return would not involve a clone. In fact, what he ruled out was a time-traveling Beckett or an alternate universe double. The story above has been corrected and given a proper citation. GateWorld regrets the error.
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Post Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:29 pm

Re: McGillion returns to Stargate Atlantis

I have faith they'll pull this off without us wincing :shock:
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Post Tue Feb 19, 2008 10:36 am

Re: McGillion returns to Stargate Atlantis

Yeah! I was watching last week and had a little "HS" moment when I saw the trailer for the next episode.
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