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Atlantis movie shelved ‘indefinitely’


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Post Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:24 pm

Atlantis movie shelved ‘indefinitely’

Atlantis movie shelved ‘indefinitely’
Sunday - December 26, 2010 | by Darren Sumner

With news coming in last week that MGM (the studio that owns the Stargate TV franchise) has completed its bankruptcy restructuring and securing $500 million in new financing, the next big question is just which of Stargate‘s three series will get attention first — and in what medium.

In a new Q&A with fans on his blog, executive producer Joseph Mallozzi offers his take on where things currently stand for the future of Stargate Universe, the Atlantis movie, and beyond.

Mallozzi was clear that the end of SGU does not mean that time and money has now been freed up to put the Atlantis film into production. Mallozzi co-wrote the script for Stargate: Extinction with Paul Mullie after the movie was first announced following SGA‘s cancellation in 2008.

“I’m sorry to say but the cancellation puts the brakes on whatever progress the SGA movie had made in the past month, shelving it indefinitely,” he said. “… Contrary to what some may think, the cancellation of SGU is very bad news for those looking forward to an Atlantis movie.”

Mallozzi didn’t speak to the next planned movie for the SG-1 team, tentatively titled Stargate: Revolution. Executive producer Brad Wright had reportedly been working on securing the go-ahead for that film before MGM entered bankruptcy this fall.

He also said that a fourth television series in the franchise is not on the table at this point. “A new Stargate series isn’t even being considered,” he said. “… There are no plans to create or move forward on a new series. We love the one we have now.”

That, of course, means that the producers still hope to find a way to finish SGU‘s storyline. Mallozzi echoed Wright’s sentiments on this point (story). “All options are being considered at this point, but a third season would be ideal,” Mallozzi said. “We’re investigating all possible avenues.”

The Destiny sets will remain standing until all avenues have been exhausted, he said.

He said that, while the show’s ratings this season haven’t been good, the cancellation decision was surprising in its abruptness. “Those early Season Two ratings were admittedly a downer. The move to Tuesday night was not good for us (and, speaking to the franchise as a whole, the move from summer to fall did us no favors either) and I firmly believe that time-shifted viewing and internet downloads have bled off a significant portion of our younger, tech-savvy audience.

“Still, we held out hope and, as production continued on Season Two, positive word from various places gave us hope that the show would come back for, at the very least, a third and final season (much the same way Battlestar did). Many of us were shocked by the abruptness of the cancellation decision.”

Read the full Q&A at Joseph Mallozzi’s blog. Stargate Universe returns with its final 10 episodes on Syfy this spring.
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Post Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:24 pm

Re: Atlantis movie shelved ‘indefinitely’

Although I am glad to see them trying to figure out a way to end SGU with a final season, it's not really too surprising that the show is coming to an end. I am disappointed however to hear that the newest film has been shelved ...
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Post Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:27 pm

Re: Atlantis movie shelved ‘indefinitely’

Lets face it, if MGM was having a problem to begin with and SyFy just cancelled SGU, then MGM wouldn't have much of an option but to shelve any DVD projects. While SGU was a good show, it lacked what many fans wanted and as a result never captured the audience and ratings that were hoped for. The show was getting better, too bad we won't be able to see the series through till its proper end... in truth, it had the ability to be the most in depth and dramatic of all the shows. As a result, the fandom has lost its flagship show and will now have a harder time... an SG show, even if it wasn't what we wanted or expected... was better than no SG show at all...
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