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Novels to continue SGA storylines

Monday - September 13, 2010 | by Shaun Farrell

Fandemonium Books recently announced the publication of several all-new Stargate Atlantis novels, including the expansive Legacy series and the standalone titles “Brimstone” and “Death Game.”

Jo Graham partners with Melissa Scott to launch the exciting six-book “Legacy” series that picks up the SGA storyline after the events of the Season Five finale.

Graham’s first novel, “Black Ships,” was published in 2008 by the Orbit Books and received both a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly and a nomination for Best First Novel of the Year from Locus Magazine. Her second novel, “Hand of Isis,” also received high praised by Kirkus Review.

Together they open the six-book series with “Stargate Atlantis: Homecoming,” to be published late 2010. The novel depicts a unified Wraith who have one goal: kidnapping Dr. Rodney McKay and stealing his hyperdrive secrets. Legacy will be the first multiple-book story arc published by Fandemonium.

Since Legacy follows the events of Season Five, Fandemonium promises to take “our favorite characters into brand new territory — which means that anything can happen, to anybody! The stakes have never been so high.”

The six Legacy titles are all slated for publication over the next two years:

Book 1: “Homecoming” – October 2010
Book 2: “The Lost” – February 2011
Book 3: “Allegiance” – June 2011
Book 4: “Avengers” – October 2011
Book 5: “The Secret” – Spring 2012
Book 6: “The Inheritors” – Summer 2012

Can’t wait for Legacy for your SGA fix? Fandemonium has you covered with two new standalone Atlantis titles.

In “Death Game,” written by Jo Graham, Sheppard and team find themselves in a perilous situation when they “wake up on an alien world, in the wreckage of a Puddle Jumper,” with no memory of how they got there. “Suffering from a serious head wound, John Sheppard slowly puts the pieces together and discovers that his team is scattered across a tropical archipelago, unable to communicate with each other and cut off from the Stargate. Badly injured, he and Teyla are taken prisoner by the local population and sent as tribute to the planet’s mysterious overlord. Meanwhile, Ronon, McKay, and Zelenka form an unlikely rescue team as they search the planet for their friends …”

“Brimstone” is co-authored by David Niall Wilson and Patricia Lee Macomber. Fandemonium describes the story as follows: “When a moon inexplicably leaves its planetary orbit for a collision course with its own sun, Rodney McKay’s interest is piqued. What he discovers is enough to make him dance, for an entire Ancient city – the size of Atlantis – is there for the taking. But the city is not as abandoned as he had first believed and the team soon encounter a sect of unascended Ancients living far beneath its surface …”

David Niall Wilson is the author of The DeChance Chronicles, a 5-book series following the exploits of Detective DeChance as his explore a vampiric world prone to magic and mystery. Patricia Lee Macomber’s work has previously appeared in the horror magazine Cemetery Dance and the anthology Joined At the Muse.
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