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Atlantis novels to pick up where the series ended.

By Jeanné McCartin
December 26, 2009 2:00 AM
PORTSMOUTH — They were just two fans sharing thoughts on where "Stargate Atlantis" might have gone had it not ended in January 2009.

"In the manner of fans everywhere, Jo (Graham) and her partner, Amy (Griswold), and I would e-mail back and forth and say, if we were going to do Season 6, this is what we would do," said Melissa Scott of Portsmouth. "It was classic, 'Wouldn't it be fun if they'd gone in these directions?'"

But Scott and friend Graham aren't just any fans and their conversations led to a continuation of the saga: "Stargate Atlantis: Legacy."

Scott is a prolific science-fiction writer with dozens of books to her credit. Graham also is an author whose books include "Stargate Atlantis: Death Game," a previous tie-in novel for the television series "Stargate SG-1," the original "Stargate" project, which ran 10 years. "Stargate Atlantis" was a spin off that followed the seventh year of "Stargate SG-1" and ran for five seasons.

An "Atlantis" tie-in movie was planned, but then tabled, Scott said.

When the two writers heard of the cancellation, Graham suggested they propose a series to her editor at Fandemonium Books.

To date, the pair have written two books: the first "The Return," and the second "The Mythic."

A total of six are proposed. Books 3 and 4 will hopefully sell in January, Scott said.

"The publisher has expressed interest," she said. Books 5 and 6 will largely depend on the success of earlier books.

Scott is slated to co-write Books 1, 3 and 5 with Graham. Two and four will go to Graham and Griswold. All three will write No. 6. The series will be the equivalent of a season.

Scott and Graham started writing "The Return" even before they sold the book, aware that if it sold it would mean a fast turnaround. It's due Jan. 21.

"We only started Octoberish," Scott said. "We'd actually done a lot of talking before that, so we had the plot pretty solid."

The authors are being allowed unique parameters for the tie-in's storyline. Usually the continued tales are "placed in the chinks between (television) episodes," Scott said. "They have to reset to zero. ...; There is no reset with this series."

Scott and Graham are being permitted to do character growth and development.

"But to be honest, we don't know the exact parameters," Scott said. "We believe the parameters extend to moving characters' relations forward, putting characters in extreme jeopardy and developing the (Atlantis) universe a little further."

"Stargate" is an MGM Corporation property. It's currently working on the latest series "Stargate Universe," which premiered this fall.

"(The tie-ins) are a real departure for the franchise, a big change, which is why we're not getting a lot of guidance," Scott said. "Their focus is on 'Universes' right now," she said. "So it's exciting and a little unnerving."

The only sure MGM guideline is "don't do anything that's not done on the TV show: sex, language and violence."

As for the rest — "we'll find out as we go along."

Things could change if the company brings the movie back to life.

"It could all go away, (explained as) part of an alternate universe," Scott said. "What we've written will no longer be real within the series universe. But if they don't do the movie, we're it."

And what can fans expect? "They can expect to see the characters put into situations that will test them to their limits," Scott said. "What they'll get out of these is a story that goes forward
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