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Stargate fans unite for ‘Cell Phones for Soldiers’ charity

Monday - June 21, 2010 | by Marie Cain

It was hard not to feel an immense amount of sympathy as we watched Samantha Carter step through the Stargate in “The Tok’ra, Part 1,” knowing that she was leaving behind her sick father. It was both painful and heart-lifting to listen to the members of the Atlantis Expedition reach out to their loved ones through video messages in “Letters From Pegasus.” And we’re seen touching moments like this on Stargate Universe as we watch those trapped on the ship struggle with being so far from home.

For some, the pain of having loved ones so far away and so out of touch is all too real. The separation we have seen portrayed throughout the history of the Stargate franchise is one that hits very close to home. This is one of the many reasons why the fan-run Stargate Movies Campaign has teamed up with Cell Phones for Soldiers to sponsor a charity drive.

“For our real life military men and women the pain of having loved ones so far away and so out of touch is all too real. The need to stay connected with loved ones is something I think we can all relate to,” campaign organizers said. “We think this cell phone drive is a great way to show our appreciation and support for our real life military heroes.”

Cell Phones for Soldiers, a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit, collects old, unused cell phones, recycles them for cash and then uses the proceeds to buy prepaid calling cards for soldiers. It was started in 2004 by teenagers Brittany and Robbie Bergquist of Norwell, Massachusetts after reading a story about a soldier who had run up a $7,000 phone bill calling home from Iraq.

Organizers of the campaign chose to partner with Cell Phones for Soldiers also because of the long history the Stargate franchise has had in working with, and portraying, the military.

The Stargate Movies Campaign was started by a group of fans to rally for support of the production of the Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis movies. Their goal with this cell phone donation drive is to give fans an opportunity to come together in a positive way and show their appreciation to service men and women for the risks and sacrifices they endure every day.

The drive started May 17 and will continue through July 15, 2010! If you are interested in donating a cell phone, please visit for instructions and to make a pledge.

Any interest in getting behind this?????
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