Post Sun May 16, 2010 10:23 am

Stargate Trivia ??????

I know some of our members are into trivia so I figured I would post the following email I received today.

Hey Friend!

Think you know who played young Jack O'Neill? Think you remember what's on P3X994? We do! Try your hand at our new Facebook game , and earn your stripes. Stargate PHD offers players the chance to level up through 15 ranks for both the SGC, and System Lords, answering questions from the universe of Stargate, and bonus questions related to Stargate Resistance. Challenge your friends' knowledge, and settle once and for all who is the keeper of lore.

When you've proven your metal, be sure to join the Resistance, and battle for galactic domination in Stargate Resistance, available now for PC-Online. Play as either the System Lords, or SGC, battling across the galaxy in the ultimate struggle of the universe. We've just opened a new gate address to Leonops and the deadly court of the goa'uld, Mahes. Can you survive his Arena of Death?

To be taken directly to Stargate PHD on Facebook, please


-The Stargate Resistance team
Jeff Langley
SG Shadow Hunters
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