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Re: Actors vs Real Life

(please note this is just observations of the writer)

Over the years I have watched thousands of movies and television shows, not all science fiction mind you. But I have noticed a few things that I find very interesting.

David McCallum of NCIS best known for his work on U.N.C.L.E. has researched his Coroners role so much that he has become a authority on the subject and has spoken at Medical conferences to include the AMA annual meeting. The young lady that plays Abby on the same shows hold degrees in the fields that she portrays on the show (in other words it would be her real job if she wasn't acting it)

It Amazes me sometimes... like the writer of the original script for UNDERWORLD (the first movie) holds a degree in Chemistry (hence all the science in the film, his words...)

Landed on Juno Beach on D-Day as a member of the Royal Canadian Artillery. Soon after, while walking across a mine field, he and his unit were attacked by enemy fire, as the Germans shot at them with machine guns. He was hit by four bullets to the leg, his middle finger of his right hand was shot off, and a bullet struck his chest. His life was saved when it hit a silver cigarette case which had been given to him by his brother.

He was given an honorary Degree in Engineering by the Milwaukee School of Engineering where apparently half of the students polled said they were inspired to study engineering by his role in "Star Trek" (1966). He never received a real degree in the field but inspired thousands to do so.

So how many actors in the field of Science fiction hold degrees in the fields Like Chemistry, Physics, Astro Physics, Engineering and so it these little things that make them better at acting and or writing the shows and movies they are with...or is it just plain old good acting?

This is something I have pondered for a while... I understand that they have a lot of technical advisers for shows... but leaving them out of the picture how many actors do?
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