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Did Richard Dean Anderson have a stroke or something?



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Post Mon May 17, 2010 12:15 am

Did Richard Dean Anderson have a stroke or something?


Okay, I am by no means an expert on the SG cast but I have been re-watching SG-1 and everything after. RDA was one of my favorite cast members and I wasn't too happy to see SG-1 loose him in the last few seasons. He's made some appearances after but in a somewhat limited capacity...short lines, slowed reactions and lacking in his famous humorous retorts...especially in the recent SG movies and in SGU.

So, I have to ask: What gives? Health problems or just getting old or just a change in character?

Now with those remarks and questions above, I hope no one will take this the wrong way. I am not trying to make fun of RDA or belittle him in any way. I think he has done amazing things to put SG in the place it is now. He is the Captain Kirk of the SG world as far as I'm concerned.
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Re: Did Richard Dean Anderson have a stroke or something?

No Mr. Anderson did not have a stroke. But he has had some health issues.
From http://www.rdanderson.com/

October 26, 2007

Richard phoned again to catch up with what has been happening lately, especially during a week that he described as "bizarre."

After several delays, Richard had finally undergone surgery on his right foot on Tuesday, the 16th of October, and due to the "horrific pain" he was experiencing afterward, they had kept him in the hospital for two extra days before releasing him. He still has "one more foot to go," (no date has yet been set), but once he regained his sense of humor after the initial pain, he joked that "suddenly my left foot felt an awful lot better!" He now has pins in two of his toes, and he will be returning to the doctor on Monday to check the progress of his healing. In the meantime, he is under orders to rest and keep the foot elevated for three weeks, which isn't easy for someone as active as Richard, who said that after just one week he's already going a bit stir crazy.

April 21, 2008

Richard sent a quick update. He is still going through the healing process with his feet, but he was anxious to share his enthusiasm about "Continuum."

April 21, 2008

No news at the moment, unless we include a civilian Purple Heart for blood shed during and since having had yet another surgical procedure performed on my right foot (big toe, ankle). I am convincing myself that this is the one, this is it! I need it to be over. The last cut was a week ago Tuesday and initially I was impressed and hopeful. With time, I have had to grow accustomed to the same-old, same-old.....

At noon I'm into the hyperbaric chamber for 90 minutes. Kinda kinky, but what the heck, I'm leaving no stone....

Of course then there is the obligatory physical therapy filled with tears and laughter all around.

The upshot: I am nearly walking like a people.
It's exciting.
Just an update.

I also found the following site
The article is written to make fun of Richard Dean Anderson and his weight gain. The reason I am posting it is for you to read the comments posted on the site. While he may be 60 he is still one of my child hood heroes and I for one am glad to see I am not the only one who thinks he totally rocks!!
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