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Safeway Supports Wounded Warrior

In the Maryland, Virginia, DC area you may be asked by the checkers at your neighborhood Safeway this weekend if you'd like to make a donation to support Wounded Warrior Project. This drive begins Nov. 11. If you donate, please make sure you ask for a shout out for your favorite branch of the military. (Note, LT Ackerson scripted the announcement for the Safeway he works at. He is authorizing his District Manager to circulate it to other store managers in the area.) The charity's website is .

If you wear Under Armour products, various stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods, are currently selling specially designed products that result in a portion of the product price being donated to Wounded Warrior Project. Also, you can purchase the items offered in the stores as well as other specially branded items directly from Under Armour (). Under Armour is also offering a backpack filled with their products that can be purchased for $99 as a gift for the wounded currently at a military hospital. Under Armour ships these backpacks directly to Wounded Warrior Project for distribution to the wounded.

If you shop with Quartermaster Uniforms (), they are offering a limited selection of Under Armour's Wounded Warrior items.
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