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SG Prometheus's operational profile & history, as well as, a basic uniform(s) and equipment list for those volunteering to join this team.

SG Prometheus was formed to assist the Stargate Special Operations Command in its design function - rapid-response support of deployed Stargate teams, and other defensive or offensive missions on- or off-world, against land-, air-, or space-based threats. The SG Prometheus operates as an joint forces Special Forces team. With training in naval, desert, mountain, small squad tactics and explosives, this team provides vision, leadership, doctrinal guidance, resources and oversight to ensure component special operations forces are ready to meet the operational requirements of combatant commanders Off-World. To support SGC field teams in completing their assignments, provide additional shipboard security, accomplish SG-SOCOM sanctioned missions and provide a rapidly deployable ground asset by ship or stargate, SG Prometheus provides a versatile, responsive and offensively focused force with continuous shipboard and Off-World presence. As members of the Stargate Special Operations Command, all SG Prometheus personnel are expected to maintain an extremely high proficiency levels as ground-combat troops, in order to be able to effectively participate in attacks on or capture of naval or spacecraft from enemy naval bases or carrier vessels. 

In the real world as an airsoft team, our goals are to promote the sport of airsoft, guide and coach new and younger players in the sport and bring more people into the Stargate universe ( in an airsoft environment of course ).

(This information is classified under the Homeworld Security Act of 2004.)

The concept of a shipboard unit, like Prometheus was first proposed during the construction of BC-303. The concept was based on the U.S. Navy's experience with the Fleet Marine Force posting combat troops on capitol ships. After the theft of the U.S.S. Prometheus (BC-303) by rogue agents of the NID, the National Command Authority authorized Stargate Command to form an elite unit of Special Operations troops trained in shipboard security operations, special operations (as defined by Stargate Command) and off-world ground combat. In his authorization document, the President stated his intent that "this unit be to Stargate Command what the SEALs are to the Navy."

After establishing a training facility at Broom Lake, Nevada and drawing personnel from all branches of the US special operation community, training in BC-303 type cruiser security operations began. The new unit was also introduced to the alien weapons and technology that had been brought back to Earth by SGC field teams. Being neither a pure combat unit, or ships crew, it was decided that the new unit would fall under operation control of Stargate Special Operations Command.

With the decision made that each new ship would have one of the new units assigned to it, an ID format was created associating each team with its home ship. Thus upon its activation the first team became:

  • Stargate-Special Operation Command- Operational Detachment-Prometheus, or SGSOCOD-P. A mouthful either way to say the least. Members of the unit refer to themselves simply as "Team Prometheus."

During their deployment aboard BC-303, Team Prometheus participated in several ground missions in support of field teams, search and secure of derelict space craft, and one internal security mission.

After the destruction of the USS Prometheus, the surviving members of the team were returned to Earth to begin training on the BC-304 type cruiser. However while they were deployed on the BC-303, the teams "in the pipeline" were already trained on the BC-304 systems and operations, and were already assigned to the Daedalus, Odyssey, Apollo and George Hammond. The ship the team was slated to report to was given to the Russian Federation in exchange for control of the Alpha Gate. Since this turn of events left the team with no ship to report to, the SG-SOCOM made the decision to retain this valuable asset intact and employ it for SOC sanctioned missions ,allowing the organization to retain the designation of SG-Prometheus.


LTC. Robb "Merlin" Wells
CO of SG Prometheus

MAJ. Sean "Scooter" Wells
XO of SG Prometheus

John Hall

Richard Anderson

Rob Greb

Mike Schunke

Wayne Fieldhouse

Nichelle Shadinger


Jonathan Cardin

Thomas Wells

Jake Hall

Zach Gilvin


  • While on field duty, SG Prometheus uniform varies as to the type and terrain of the mission
  • If not on field duty, SG Prometheus personnel are authorized to wear the standard woodland camo, tiger stripe, OD or standard black BDU uniform of the SG-SOCOM, with or without tac vest and shoulder arm(s)
  • Stargate Program patch off left shoulder; Team patch off right shoulder
  • Black T-shirt
  • Black boots
  • Headgear for this uniform shall be standard fatigue cap to match field or garrison uniforms
  • Personal sidearm of choice in drop holster
  • Shoulder arms which are authorized include, MP5, FN P90, M4A1, M16A2, M733, G36, MG36.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact SG Prometheus or SG-Operations command staff. Thank you for your attention.

LTC. Robb "Merlin" Wells
C.O. SG Prometheus