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SG-2's operational profile & history, as well as, a basic uniform(s) and equipment list for those volunteering to join this team.

SG-2 was formed at the same time as SG-1 upon the orders of the President of the United States in 1997. SG-2 is charged with duties that range from reconnaissance to the exploration of alien worlds and its people, if any. Both military and civilian team members have received the minimal Special Forces training necessary to handle potentially hostile situations. 


(This information is classified under the Homeworld Security Act of 2004.)

SG-2 has been an operational team in Stargate Command since 1997. The team, led by Major Charles Kawalski, provided support for SG-1 on both teams’ first mission off-world. Shortly after, Major Kawalski was killed in the line of duty and was replaced by Major Louis Ferretti.

From 1997-2003, SG-2 participated in many off-world operations, mostly as a reconnaissance and support team on military missions. Team Leaders during this time were: Major Louis Ferretti (1997-2000), Major Steve Coburn (2000) and Major Russell Griff (2000-2003).

Under the command of Major Joseph Penhall (2003-2005), SG-2 received numerous research missions which included the ruins of several Ancient retreats as well as studying the effects of “Origin” upon worlds visited by the Ori.

In 2005, SG-2 continued research on the Ori and “Origin” under the civilian leadership of Doctor Anya Appur (2005-2006). This had proven disastrous for the team in 2006 when an Ori vessel was detected in orbit of the planet (P4X-228) the team was stationed on. SG-2 did not benefit from non-military experience and two of the team members were lost as the result of an Ori attack. The SG-2 team was ordered to stand down until the team could be reformed.

In October 2006, Stargate Command reactivated SG-2, and it would resume off-world missions of both military and scientific in nature. The team was assigned to the Omega site but was recalled to Earth in early 2007. In the late summer of 2007, SG-2 began several joint-operations with the SG-SOCOM, as well as, continuing its other SGC assigned missions.



1st LT. TBD
CO of SG-2

2nd LT. TBD
XO of SG-2
Steven "Thunderduck" Larrabee
Team Member

Jerry "GeeBee" Borleis
Team Member

SSgt. Michael Donovich
Team Member
  • While on field duty, SG-2 uniform varies as to the type and terrain of the mission
  • If not on field duty, SG-2 personnel are authorized to wear the standard OD or Navy Blue BDU uniform of the SG-Command, with matching belt
  • Stargate Program patch off left shoulder; Team patch off right shoulder
  • Dog tags (2)
  • Black T-shirt
  • Black boots
  • Headgear for this uniform shall be standard fatigue cap, beret or "boonies hat"
  • Personal sidearm of choice in drop holster
  • Shoulder arms which are authorized include, MP5, FN P90, M4A1, M16A2, M733.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact SG-2 or SG-Operations command staff. Thank you for your attention.

C.O., SG-2