Full dossier is classified

Level I



The following are excerpts classified down to Top Secret – for dissemination among authorized personnel of Projects: SGC and SG-SOCOM ONLY.
CALL SIGN: "Thunder"
              Special Agent, NID


The above are the official designation for this person.





Current Assignment:  Intelligence Officer, SG Shadow Hunters
Birthplace:                  Albemarle, North Carolina
Education:                   University of Phoenix

TJ Allen completed attended JROTC and later graduated from the U.S. Naval ROTC in 1991. Upon being commissioned a 2nd LT in the USMC, Allen was ordered to Camp Barret to complete "The Basic School" (TBS). It was at TBS where 2nd Lt. Allen was identified for having a natural aptitude for intelligence and clandestine operations.  Tapped for an  intel MOS, he attended and graduated first in his class from BIOC, then was ordered to attend the MAGTF CI / HUMINT Basic Course at the Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC), Dam Neck, VA. It was here that the young 2nd LT was to make lasting relationships with his given field of military studies.

Allen later completed Advanced Counterintelligence Course and the Military Operations Training Course. With his quick pace, studies, and willingness to accept a challenge, TJ’s superiors put him on a fast track to command his own HUMINT team. After serving for years in the field and gaining the rank of 1st Lt., he was assigned a tour of duty at NSA. This is where, old connections enabled Allen to be introduced to the NID (National Intelligence Department) while still a USMC officer. The NID was hoping that his previous service to the "Corp" would help prevent Lt. Allen from becoming a Rogue agent, such as the likes of Colonel Maybourne and Colonel Simmons.

Lt. Allen’s qualifications and complete training are classified due to his involvement with NID.

Lt. Allen has seen different situations throughout his career and has looked at them as challenges where others see them as problems. Lt. Allen has adapted and overcome most situations. Lt. Gen. O’Neill of Homeworld Security has seen this and requested for this Marine to be recalled from his loan to the NID and to be re-assigned to the USS Iliad as its Intelligence Officer. This was also done to make the NID happy, as well as, the International Oversight Advisory committee, since the NID kept insisting that one of their agents to work with SGC. Lt. Gen. O’Neill agreed with the stipulation that Lt. Allen was foremost a Marine and secondly a NID agent. Agreement was reached.

Though not a combat rated pilot, Lt. Allen has completed initial flight checks on the F-302 fighter while aboard the USS Iliad.

Maintains Expert rating on all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms, as well as all current known weapons technologies obtained through Project: STARGATE.