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Level II



The following are excerpts classified down to Top Secret for dissemination among authorized personnel of Projects: SGC and SG-SOCOM ONLY.
SUBJECT: Tom, Nathan
CALL SIGN: "Blazer"


The above are the official designation for this person.




Second Lieutenant Nathan 'Blazer' Tom was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, the adopted son of Colonel James W. Tom (USAF, ret.). Of native Hawaiian and Scots-Irish decent, he exhibited strong fighting spirit, which although difficult to control in his youth would serve him very well later in life.

Upon graduating high school, Tom attended Cornell University for a year before enlisting in the Air Force, where he became a prime candidate for special operations with his outstanding physical conditioning as a martial artist and his marksmanship skills. He joined the ranks of the elite Search and Rescue (SAR) parajumpers (PJs) of the 58th Rescue Squadron and would advance to sergeant (E-5) before electing to return to a college education with aspirations to become a pilot.

Seeing limited action in Somalia, Tom became friends with Egyptian troops while participating in Operation United Shield, and delved deeply into the works and theories of Daniel Jackson and Erich Von Daniken as a prelude for things to come. Believing the future was 'out there', he began to make his own correlations between ancient knowledge, alien visitations, and space travel.

At Cornell, Tom had studied under the legendary Carl Sagan, and was inspired to earn his bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering upon re-enrolling in 1999. At 27, he graduated at the top five percent of his class with substantial coursework in the divergent disciplines of astrophysics and leadership psychology. Tom was eagerly accepted into Air Force pilot training where he excelled equally in fixed and rotary-wing.

His degree in aeroonautics and stationing at Nellis AFB eventually brought him to SG-SOCOM and the 10th SFS, after a few years of flying highly successful SAR missions for the 58th during the liberation of Iraq (Desert Storm II). Tom continued to advise for SAR operations as an instated combat rescue officer when called upon, assisting with the recovery of both downed pilots of the 10th, as well as other SG-SOC units trapped behind enemy lines.

Having caught the attention of SG-Hellfire's commander, Tom's services were requested by the small team of Delta operators in the Pegasus Project, and he was placed on extended loan to the Army unit. His unique combination of experience and expertise as both combat rescue officer and pilot has proven invaluable in engagements, and his astrophysics knowledge provides his team with mission-critical insights regarding spatial phenomena encountered off-world.

Since joining SG-SOCOM, he has received ATA gene therapy (highly successful, leading scientists to believe that he carries the Ancient gene somewhere along his distant bloodline), and intuitively began his study of alien technologies. In the field, Tom is trained to circumvent DHDs to dial Stargates from remote using a personal computer, and is able to pilot small alien spacecraft commandeered by Hellfire should the team require it.

Tom remains on active Flight Status and maintains his currency on a wide variety of Aircraft/Spacecraft types. His qualifications also include USAF Special Forces training. He also maintains Expert rating on all NATO small arms, as well as all current known weapons technologies obtained through Project: STARGATE.