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Level II



The following are excerpts classified down to Top Secret for dissemination among authorized personnel of Projects: SGC and SG-SOCOM ONLY.
SUBJECT: Korolev, Yuriy
DOB: unknown, though appears to be a young teen.


The above are the official designation for this person.





Individual was found by SG-7 on PB1-157 in a stasis chamber. At the time SG-7 did not understand the importance of their discovery. Recent genetic tests confirm the presence of of the ATA gene, thus confirming suspicions that the subject was indeed an Ancient. Individual claims to have few if any memories from his past and recovered computer logs indicate that he was put in stasis prior to the fall of the Ancients in the Pegasus galaxy. Psychological tests indicate mental stress and trauma regarding many past memories and it is the belief of the SGC Medical team that in time the individual may regain his lost and/or submerged memories.

Unfortunately the past trauma has made even the individual to be unable to recall his own name and the Ancient computer files indicate that even they did not know his identity before his arrival and crash landing prior to the Wraith assault. Individual has vague recollections of using PB1-157's chair to command a drone attack on the Wraith cruiser bombarding the planet. Prior to that, the individual remembers flying a Puddle Jumper to the Ancient Outpost prior to the Wraith assault, stating "All I remember from the past is that I was flying back to my base in a Puddle Jumper and I saw a Wraith fleet emerge from hyperspace and close in on the planet. After that I briefly recall being placed in a stasis chamber while the base is under attack." Since being rescued by SG-7, individual has undergone de-briefings at both Atlantis and the SGC. In an effort to use all available resources and assets, both the SGC and SG-SOCOM approved his requests to rejoin the fight against the Wraith. As such, he has undergone extensive training in both squad weapons systems and tactics used by SG-SOCOM forces, as well as, a refresher flight training program. Having previously piloted the Ancient's Puddle Jumpers in combat against the Wraith Darts, mastering the controls of the F-302 was easy.

Lieutenant Korolev remains on active Flight Status as a pilot of the 10th SFS Tau'ri Furies. He maintains his currency on a wide variety of Aircraft/Spacecraft types. His qualifications also include USAF Special Forces training. He also maintains Expert rating on all NATO small arms, as well as all current known weapons technologies obtained through Project: STARGATE.