Full dossier is classified

Level III



The following are excerpts classified down to Top Secret – for dissemination among authorized personnel of Projects: SGC and SG-SOCOM ONLY.
SUBJECT: Williams, Michael R.
CALL SIGN: "Vespid"


The above are the official designation for this person.



Individual enlisted in the United States Air Force, 07SEP93. Graduated at top of class in 31P (Security Forces) School. First assignment was to Langley AFB, VA. While there, individual helped to maintain combat-ready forces to rapidly deploy at a moment’s notice. Personally responsible for the security of fighters, bombers, tankers and recon aircraft based in the Continental US (CONUS).

Individual’s dedication to duty and leadership skills ensured rapid promotions through the enlisted ranks. As a Tech Sergeant, individual was transferred to Cheyenne Mountain Air Station Complex at Colorado Springs, CO. Job performance and possessing a Top Secret/SCI clearance made the individual a prime candidate for Security Forces at Stargate Command.

Individual was placed in charge of several high profile security details. Foremost of which were the guarding of Apophis prior to his “death” on 12FEB99 and Reece (See Replicators) on 26APR02. Individual was also charged with security and transportation of the body of Dr. Janet Fraiser after her untimely death on 20FEB04.
When Anubis began his attack on Earth on 19MAR04, Individual had already resumed duties at SGC. The events over Antarctica changed this Airman’s career path. Numerous F-302 pilots were killed or removed from flight status. An opportunity arose which this highly motivated Airman seized upon.

Individual applied for OCS in 14MAY04. Upon completion of OCS, 2LT Williams applied for flight school which was completed in 29AUG05. Due to 2LT Williams’ unique knowledge of the SGC and the Air Force’s needs, he was immediately assigned additional training in F-302 flight operations. As a part of all pilot training, 2LT Williams completed Pilot Survival and SEER training.

Lieutenant Williams is presently assigned to the 10th SFS Tau’ri Furies. As part of that assignment, he has completed training in the Special Operations program. Thus entering a small group of men and women who both held qualifications as a pilot, as well as, an "operator."

Lieutenant Williams remains on active Flight Status as a pilot of the 10th SFS Tau'ri Furies. He maintains his currency on a wide variety of Aircraft/Spacecraft types. His qualifications also include USAF Special Forces training. He also maintains Expert rating on all NATO small arms, as well as all current known weapons technologies obtained through Project: STARGATE.