Full dossier is classified

Level III



The following are excerpts classified down to Top Secret – for dissemination among authorized personnel of Projects: SGC and SG-SOCOM ONLY.
SUBJECT: MacKenzie, Christian A.
CALL SIGN: "Ark Angel"


The above are the official designation for this person.



Individual enlisted in the United States Air Force, 10 May 1986, and completed OCS in Sept 1988 and completed UPT in Nov 1990. Initial Aptitude Test scores were high across the board and by January 1991, was assigned to the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing, 416th TFS at Beale AFB. Exceptional aptitude was also shown for Intelligence work and was recruited by Defense Intelligence Agency, December 1994, while still on assignment in the Persian Gulf.

Responsible for gathering critical Aviation Intelligence Data. Prime Mission was to determine the Middle East and terrorists' attempts to acquire advanced aircraft, avionics and ballistic systems to match the capabilities of US and European Programs. Data obtained showed a secret flow of money and data between the Middle East and Russia's faltering aerospace programs.

As a result of the 416th TFS transfer to the 49th Fighter Wing in 1992, Lt. MacKenzie was finally ordered back to Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, on 1 July 1996.

Once at Holloman, individual was promoted to the rank of Captain and then transferred to Area 51 to serve as a test pilot in the Advanced Tactical Fighter and Joint Strike Fighter programs. Subject was able to share data collected about foreign programs and provide valuable information to both USAF and NASA engineers. Subject also completed Pilot Survival and pushed himself to be selected into the Special Operations program. Thus entering a small group of men and women who both held qualifications as a pilot, as well as, an "operator."

With the activation of the Stargate in 1997, when the Goa'uld Apophis dialed the Earth Stargate, Capt. MacKenzie was ordered to report to DIA headquarters and assigned to the Defense Intelligence Operations Coordination Center (DIOCC) where he was briefed on the Stargate program. From 1998 to 2003 Capt. MacKenzie served two masters, both as a test pilot for the X-302 program and as a vocal advisor in the DIOCC. His willingness to speak his mind, did not always sit well with the higher brass at the DIOCC, so Capt. MacKenzie was transferred to the SG-SOCOM and given the task to build a new F-302 squadron. Promoted to the rank of Major, he sought to ensure that only the best trained and qualified pilots would be assigned to his new command. He drew heavily from the graduating classes of 2004’s Red Flag and Blue Flag exercises. Afterwards, he and the rest of the F-302 pilots trained for over a year in secret, patiently awaiting the activation and assignment of their new squadron and its advanced equipment.

When the USAF and SG-SOCOM honored the Major with his choice for the new squadron's name it was a simple choice.  Having previously flown the F-117 Stealth Fighter the “Avenging Angel,” Major MacKenzie choose to honor that lineage and thus named the newly formed squadron the “Tau’ri Furies.” Thus the 10th still enjoys a special camaraderie with the famed 416th TFS. Has served aboard the  Prometheus, Daedalus, and Odyssey for Space Ops and combat training. Gained combat experience against the Goa’uld Death Gilders, when the call came for assistance in Antarctica to defend SG-1. Eager to prove his squadron's value to the SGC and SG-SOCOM, Maj. MacKenzie welcomed the assignment to the Pegasus Galaxy.

Major MacKenzie remains on active Flight Status as the CO of the 10th SFS Tau'ri Furies. He maintains his currency on a wide variety of Aircraft/Spacecraft types. His qualifications also include USAF Special Forces training. He also maintains Expert rating on all NATO small arms, as well as all current known weapons technologies obtained through Project: STARGATE.