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In the science-fiction universe of the Stargate SG-1 television series, the "SG" military-team designation denotes a team that is a part of the Stargate Program, while the number following the designation is to distinguish between separate Stargate teams. Certain teams have special duties within the Stargate Program.

The program is run from Stargate Command (also, "the SGC"), whose mission it is to guard and use the Stargate, an alien device discovered in Egypt on Earth, the function of which was later discovered as allowing instantaneous travel between similar devices scattered on planets throughout the cosmos. After the alien race known as the Goa'uld became a threat to Earth, the Stargate went into use to help protect Earth.

When Stargate Command was formed there were 9 SG teams created and at present there are at least 25, each expansion likely requested through Major Davis, as it was in "Into the Fire". The majority of the teams are US Air Force, with some US Marines, civilians and, recently, US Army. Other countries' militaries have been included as the existence of the Stargate was revealed to other countries (the first were the Russians, agreed to in "Redemption (Part 2)", first seen in "Metamorphosis"). A very few alien beings (Teal'c, Jonas Quinn, and Vala Mal Doran) have also been allowed to join. Listed below are the special designation teams noted thus far in the series.

...However, the President of the United States happens to agrees with you. In the event your theories pan out, he has ordered the formation of nine teams, whose duties will be to perform reconnaissance, determine threats, and if possible to make peaceful contact with the peoples of these worlds. Now, these teams will operate on a covert, top-secret basis. No one will know of their existence except the President and the Joint Chiefs. Colonel O'Neill, your team will be designated SG-1.

—Major General George Hammond, whilst creating the first SG teams, "Children of the Gods"

Designation Type Members
SG-1 Flagship Originally led by Colonel Jack O'Neill, with Captain (later promoted to Major, then to Lieutenant Colonel) Samantha Carter and Doctor Daniel Jackson. Teal'c joined SG-1 shortly after. For a time, Jonas Quinn took the place of Dr. Jackson.

Shortly led by USMC Col. Makepeace, while O'Neill infiltrated a rogue NID SG team and later arrests Makepeace in Shades of Grey

After Col. O'Neill's promotion to Brigadier General, the team was led by a promoted Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter.

Now led by Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell. The latest member is Vala Mal Doran. See the article SG-1 for more information.

SG-2 Military Originally a three-man team led by Major Charles Kawalsky, with Warren and Casey. After Kawalsky's death, led by Maj. Louis Ferretti.
Military Led by Maj. Coburn, with Captains Griff and Pierce. Later led by a promoted Maj. Griff.
Research Led by Maj. Penhall.
SG-3 Marine Combat Unit Led by Col. Makepeace, with Lt. Johnson and others. Apparently command rotated as Majors Castleman and Warren, as well as Col. Makepeace were shown in command for the same period of time. Teal'c was once assigned to this unit, under Maj. Wade.
Marine Combat Unit Led by Air Force Col. Reynolds, with Bosworth, Bosco and Peterson. Lt. Mooney is the newest member of the team, but SG-3 is still a four man team, it is unknown who he replaced.
SG-4 Military Team was in standby for dispatching to escort back Cassandra to Hanka.
Russian Team Became a team made up of Russian soldiers after agreement with Russian government; originally led by Lt. Col. Sergei Ivanov, who was captured and killed.
  unknown Lt. Col. John Sheppard was briefly in command of this unit after the Atlantis Expedition was returned to Earth. With Babbis, Walker and another unnamed man. Walker was reasigned and it is unknown who the new leader of the unit is.
SG-5 Marine Combat Unit  
Air Force A team with a Lt. Barber that died when he walked into the unstable vortex of an opening wormhole after being exposed to an alien radiation. The rest of the team later died of withdrawal from the same radiation.
Military Led by Major or Lt. Colonel Harper.
Scientific Corps Led by Major Altman The team was sent to P4M-399 to relay a warning to Daedalus to then relay to Atlantis not to dial Earth.
SG-6 Medical No team members ever named. Impersonated coming through the gate by the "Foothold" aliens and presumably MIA.
Military Led by Air Force Colonel Barnes, with Brooks, Fischer, and Ryan killed by Prior Plague.
SG-7 Scientific Corps All killed on Hanka. No team members ever named.
Military Team is dispatched with SG-1 & SG-5 to provide backup for SG-13.
SG-8   No team members ever named.
Military In Vala's fake memory, team was in mission with SG-3. Several members were injured.
SG-9   Originally led by Cpt. Jonas Hanson with Lt. Baker and Doctor Frakes all killed in action. Lt. Conner survived the mission and went on to lead SG-11.
Diplomatic Corps Later led by attorney Maj. Stan Kovachek. Still later led by Maj. Benton, Tarkman and Winters, who all were killed in action. Lt. Grogan was the only survivor of that team.
SG-10 Military Originally led by Maj. Henry "Hank" Boyd, entire team trapped by a black hole.
SG-11 Engineering Corps Initially led by Cpt. Conner, promoted after leaving SG-9.
Archaeological Led by Maj. Hawkins, Loder, Sanchez and Dr. Robert Rothman, who all were killed in action.
Engineering Corps Probably Engineering again, under Col. Edwards, with Maj. Lorne (now in Atlantis), Lt. Menard, Lt. Ritter, and Lt. Woeste, SG-11 led an extended mining survey.
SG-12 Military No team members named but all were killed while at the SGC Alpha Site.
Military Team mentioned in conjunction with mission to planet P9J-333.
Marine Combat Unit Team brought a deceased Kull warrior to Stargate Command and were later dispatched with SG-1 & SG-3 to capture a Kull warrior alive.
Marine Combat Unit Led by unnamed Major, with Lt. McKenzie, Conway and Stevens.

2 of team members escorted Vala Mal Doran to Earth.
With Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell, they picked up a prior of the Ori from P3X-421.
They collected 2 Ba'al clones.

SG-13 Military Led by Col. Dixon with Dr. Balinsky, Bosworth and Wellsā.
SG-14 Diplomatic Led by Maj. Graham, with Cpt. Blasdale, Lt. Astor and Sergeant Louis. Graham and Astor became zatarcs and were later killed. Blasdale and Louis also died.
SG-15 Military No team members ever named, but all were killed. Later led by a promoted Maj. Pierce from SG-2.
Military Entire team was killed in the operation to rescue Vala Mal Doran from the Trust, along with three members of the local SWAT team.
SG-16 Exploration Originally led by Lt. Col. Reynolds, who later promoted to Colonel & now leads SG-3.
SG-17 Archaeological Originally led by Maj. Mansfield, with Lt. Elliot, entire team killed in action.
SG-18 Unknown No team members ever named.
SG-19 Unknown No team members ever named.
SG-20 Unknown No team members ever named.
SG-21 Military Team dispatched to the former Alpha Site to search for survivors.
SG-22 Military Lead by Colonel Raimi with Balinsky. On the planet P9G-844 was backup for SG-1 when they were searching for the Sodan.
SG-23 Unknown No team members ever named.
SG-24 Unknown No team members ever named.
SG-25 Army Combat Unit No team members named, but present on planet P9J-333 during search for a creature that was eating the inhabitants; several members injured during the mission.
  • SG-X — Not part of Stargate Command, but a group of human slaves under training by Jaffa in service to Apophis to infiltrate Earth.
  • 1st SFW (Snakeskinners) — There is at least one wing of F-302 pilots based in the Milky Way, although they are not truly an SG team. While it is not made clear what SFW actually means, it is likely to stand for either "Space Fighter Wing" or "Stargate Fighter Wing".
The spin-off series Stargate Atlantis also features several offworld exploration teams. At least three permanent teams have been mentioned;
  • Sheppard's team. Led by Major John Sheppard, (later promoted to Lt. Colonel) John Sheppard, and originally consisting of Teyla Emmagan, Lt. Aiden Ford and Dr. Rodney McKay. After Ford escaped custody under the effect of the Wraith enzyme, former Satedan Army Specialist Ronon Dex was found on a planet Sheppard's team was visiting, and became part of the team.
  • Stackhouse's team. Originally led by Sgt. Stackhouse. Since the arrival of a USMC contingent from Earth, Stackhouse may have been replaced as the team's leader.
  • Bates' team. Originally led by Sgt. Bates. Since Bates was injured and presumably shipped back to Earth, its unknown whether someone else took command or if the team was disbanded.
  • Maj. Lorne appears to have a team of his own now, as well.
  • Maj. Leonard's team. Only one other team member was named: Largent. All of the team was taken out by Maj. Leonard because of the wraith hallucination device. Leonard later killed himself because he thought Col. Sheppard was a Kull Warrior.
  • A team led by under unnamed Major's command; dispatched to a village to search & rescue Ronon.
  • A team mentioned in the episode Coup D'etat, was under the command of Edison.
  • At least two Marine Combat Teams; one team led by Lt. Kagan with Sgt. Barroso and another unnamed Sergeant. The unnamed Sergeant was killed when he activated the DHD, which was booby trapped by Maj. Leonard. Sgt. Barroso and Lt. Kagan were gunned down by the Major; Barroso later died and Kagan barely survived. Another team, led by Lt. Negley, was killed by Michael's enhanced Iratus bugs.

There have also been several specialist teams put together for individual mission (for example, the anthropologist team in "Suspicion", and the Marine Combat Teams for search & rescue operation in "Runner"). There have been no official team designations mentioned thus far on the show, however director and creative consultant Peter DeLuise has called the teams 'Atlantis Reconnaissance, Team 1' through '3' (or AR-1, etc.), and writer and executive producer Joseph Mallozzi called the teams 'First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team', 'Second Atlantis Reconnaissance Team', etc. (though most fans assume he was making this statement in jest: its doubtful that Dr. Weir will start assigning missions to F.A.R.T., S.A.R.T. and T.A.R.T.)

Also there are some Russian, German and British soldiers in Atlantis Base Security Team.

  • 1st & 2nd TFW (Wraithwaxers) — There is at least one wing of F-302 pilots onboard the Daedalus & Apollo; although they are not truly an SG team. While it is not made clear what TFW actually means, it is likely to stand for "Tactical Fighter Wing", a term formerly used by the U.S. Air Force.