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The Space & Air Operations division is comprised of several independent Joint Forces Squadrons. The JF Squadrons have no single branch of military service or home base. As such, the JF Squadrons are comprised of aviators from all the branches of the US Military. However, the 10th SFS Sqdn is comprised of USAF pilots. The JF Squadrons will also provide firepower to support any ongoing SGSOC field operations and even support the SGC with trained operatives for recon/search & destroy missions. While these elements operate under the direct command of SG-SOCOM, they strive to augment and provide a Special Operations component to the F-302 squadrons, Prometheus and Daedalus class battlecruisers already deployed by the SGC, as well as, the new BC-314 Nemesis class Heavy Battlecruiser recently deployed by SG-SOCOM.