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STARGATE OPERATIONS: the Home Base of Stargate Fandom is a fan group dedicated to ALL forms of SG Fandom. We participate in various forms, besides costuming, to celebrate our interests in Stargate fandom. We offer a unique SG-Operations online forum, team events/local gatherings, attend conventions, airsoft and paintball events, prop workshops, cookouts/camping events and so much more. Our SG-Operations - Forums helps keep our members in touch with each other and informed with the latest news in SG Fandom. New members have several Teams & Squadrons within SG Operations to choose from, and new units are being developed as we grow internationally. There is room here for alien and civilian support members, and even NID too! Our costumes articulate both standard SG related costumes (both human & alien), as well as, a Stargate Special Operations Command themed elite unit with diversified roles and missions. In the world of SG/Atlantis/Universe costuming our group stands out, as we do not follow the conventional... making our very own identity.  SG-Operations is an active and fun-loving group to be involved in.

SG Operations began prior to 2003, during the heyday of SG-1 and has since undergone many changes as it has grown and expanded. Originally formed as "SG Special Forces", as part of the now defunct fan/costume group, "SG Special Forces" was a US Army based Special Forces team. As the group grew, it separated from and continued to grow as an independent costume group. In 2005, the group was renamed "SG-SOCOM" in order to better represent and include the various teams and squadrons that now comprised the fan group. During this period, the fan group's focus was still largely aimed at costuming and represented a Special Forces theme and did not embrace the more canon aspects of SG fandom... which was a drawback for many in fandom who wanted to participate as members of the more traditional SG Teams. Recognizing this perceived limitation and having outgrown a strictly Special Forces focus, the fan group looked for ways to expand and incorporate non-Special Forces themes and interests, as the fan group had grown beyond its origins.

With that in mind, 2007 saw many changes for the fan group as we made a conscious effort to transition from a "costume oriented" group to a true "fan group", which was more inclusive. While many still pursue and enjoy their costuming passions, we also sought to recognize those in the fandom, who have interests beyond costuming. As such, we re-worked the fan group's website and forums to better support the shift in focus for the group. Another change, was the shift from "SG-SOCOM" to our current name, STARGATE OPERATIONS.

Since those changes were made, we've steadily grown and increased our membership, launched several more traditional SG Teams, as well as, strengthening our relationships with several sister organizations. We actively seek to include ALL aspects of Stargate fandom, especially those who have non-Tau'ri interests, as they too have a home within the SG-Operations fan group.

In a continued effort to promote our fandom and grow beyond our original Mid-Atlantic origins, we launched our Regional Sectors in 2010 as part of an effort to help coordinate our various members and groups from around the world. Accordingly, SG-Operations was re-organized into Regional Sectors, to assist our members in locating and interacting with fellow SG-Operations members in their own local areas. Our goal was to successfully build and maintain teams and squadrons in each of our new Sectors.

 Regional Sectors

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So whatever your interests, there is a place and a home for everyone within STARGATE OPERATIONS: the Home Base of Stargate Fandom. To get the most out of your experience in SG-Operations, check in with other members and discover  how you can participate in our various forms of activities ranging from: costuming, RPG, team events/local gatherings, attending conventions, airsoft and paintball events, prop workshops, cookouts/camping events and so much more. Each of these areas, are actively discussed in our SG-Operations - Forums in order to help keep our members in touch and informed with the latest news in SG Fandom. STARGATE OPERATIONS is an active and fun-loving group to be a member of.