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USAF Dress/Service Uniform

This is a link to the PDF version of the USAF Regulations regarding Uniform wear, etc.; it's a 3MB download!
Air Force Instruction - 36-2903

USAF Badges, etc.; 500K download
Air Force Instruction - 36-2923


Uniform parts:, eBay, local surplus stores


Undershirt: The t-shirt worn under the male uniform shirt is a white cotton v-neck (not crew-neck).

Lightweight Jacket: Maj. Davis and O'Neill (see image above from Wormhole Extreme) have been frequently seen wearing the USAF Lightweight Jacket (this is NOT the USAF Windbreaker; it is a cloth jacket with a zip-out lining, cloth collar and elastic cuffs).

Badges & Insignia*: Most SGC personnel (including Hammond & Carter) wear versions of the Space Ops badge.

Standard (Carter; Seasons 1-7)

Maj. Davis & Carter wear the Senior version in Season 8+
Gens. Hammond & Landry wear the
Master version along with Master/Command Pilot wings

(these are the basic version),,,

This site is a good reference/source for awards & medals:; Medals of America.

* An alternative to using "real" badges would be to use something like Lt_Bono's SGC "wings"; see the thread here:
The "Silver Dress" are a dead-ringer for "real" wings in size and color/finish.