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SG-SOCOM Off-World Ops Digi Uniforms


The basic "Digi" costume is made of of the following items from the bottom up :

1) US Army issue "Hot" or "Temperate" boots.

These are available from Quartermaster and other suppliers.

or USMC issue "Hot" or "Temperate" boots.

These are available from
Danner and other suppliers.

2) ACU pattern shirt and trousers ("US Army Digital Camo")
Vermont's Barre Army Navy, Quartermaster,,,, or

or MARPAT: woodland or desert pattern shirt and trousers ("US Marines Digital Camo")
Vermont's Barre Army Navy

3) Tan ACU/BDU belt

most local surplus stores or

4) Light Tan undershirt (no pocket)
<any place they sell shirts>

5) Stargate patches: 3.5" SG Project and  with a US Flag patch worn on the left* (US Flag worn incorrectly per US Army Regs, but is canon to the show)

4" SG-SOCOM Off-World Ops**

*You can get them from: PatchGeeks, SciFiPatch or Starbase Atlanta
** Our own QuarterMaster Corp offers all of our custom patches... SG-SOCOM Patches for Sale

Molle Modular Vest with Pouches, ACU Camo with additional ammo pouches

Vermont's Barre Army Navy,

or Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. - Elite Vest, ACO Camo with additional ammo pouches

or Blackhawk Omega Tactical Vest in Black or Tan* or

*Tan used for desert MARPAT pattern

7 ) Military Pistol Belt in Tan or Black* (with grommets),, or

*Black only used with MARPAT woodland

8) Omega VI Ultra Holster tactical pistol holster in ACU pattern

or Blackhawk Omega VI tactical pistol holster in Black

9) 1 or 2 Military 1 quart canteens and canteen pouches in ACU or MARPAT pattern or

10) Combat knife or bayonet (M-8/M-9 or USMC K-BAR) and sheath
<check eBay or an Airsoft dealer for best prices>

11) ACU or MARPAT cover, as appropriate;
Vermont's Barre Army Navy, and

12) Weapons! Standard sidearms are the M-4, M-16/M-203, H&K MP5A3/A5, M-249 SAW & the Beretta M-92 pistol. Many other M-16/M-4 variants have also been used, as have the Barrett M82 .50 sniper rifle and M-60 MGs.
Your favorite Airsoft dealer.

*Our own QuarterMaster Corp offers an extremely accurate version of the SG-1/Atlantis P-90 sling:

SG-Operations - Quartermaster Corp - P90 Harness 
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