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SG-SOCOM Flightsuit Uniforms


1) The Black, Navy Blue or Sage Flight Suit comes from Out In Style:

Black Flightsuit:
Navy Blue flightsuit:
OD-Sage flightsuit:

2) Black T-shirt (no pocket)
<any place they sell t-shirts>

Black Magnum "Response" (formerly known as "Trooper") or Magnum "Stealth" boots.

Available at Quartermaster, but nearly any police type tactical boot will do (canvas or nylon sides, but not the Jungle boot style)

Another option would be Flight Boots:

4) Black or OD-Sage CWU-45P Flight Jacket

5) Black leather name patch* with "Qualification/Occupational" badge sewn on it from Name Tags for You (Williams and Williams):
*Patch callouts-
Wings: Silver (SGC: USAF Senior Space Ops, Prometheus: USAF Command Pilot, F-302: USAF Space Ops)
Border Color: Black
Text Color: Silver
Back Color: N/A
Text Layout: Alt-2
Name Line: <First Name> <Last Name>
Info Line: <Rank> SGSOC


All blue flightsuits use the 4" SG-SOCOM Space & Air Ops patch and the 3.5" SG-Project patch.

SG-SOCOM and flightcrew variations use the USAF Special Operations Command patch on right breast.

F-302 Pilots use the 4" F-302 pilot patch on right breast and a 4" Squadron ribbon tab, located under the SG-SOCOM Space & Air Ops patch on the right shoulder (see photo at top of page).
*You can get them from: PatchGeeks, SciFiPatch or Starbase Atlanta
** Our own QuarterMaster Corp offers all of our custom patches... SG-SOCOM Patches for Sale

Officers have rank on blue cloth sewn (you may want to use velcro) on shoulders. or or

6) UTG Tactical shoulder holster with Beretta M-92 pistol

7) Headgear: While we have not seen on-screen wearers of this costume with any type of hat or cap, the appropriate headwear* would be the USAF Flight/Garrison Cap

It is worn with the Officer's rank on the left side.

*Another "real world" option would be a Squadron/Wing ball-cap. This would probably be black (just because most SG hats are) with the unit ID embroidered on the crown (10st SFS, etc.); the "Tau'ri Furies" flash could be sewn on beneath the lettering.

8) Helmet: Not positively identified; probably a slightly modified HGU-55/P with MBU-20/P Combat Edge oxygen mask.