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SG-Team Marine Off-World Uniform


The standard US Marine Corps "Woodland BDU" costume is made of of the following items from the bottom up :

Black Magnum "Response" (formerly known as "Trooper") or Magnum "Stealth" boots.
               (Seasons 1-8)                                (Seasons 9-10)

Available at
Quartermaster, but any police type tactical boot will do (canvas or nylon sides, but not the Jungle boot style)

or USMC issue "Hot" or "Temperate" boots.

These are available from
Danner and other suppliers.

2) Woodland BDU trousers (they use ripstop, but you don't have to...we recommend poly/cotton twill)

Vermont's Barre Army Navy, or

or MARPAT Woodland or Desert trousers

Vermont's Barre Army Navy, or

3) OD Green BDU belt

most local surplus stores or

4) Green Tee Shirt (no pocket)
<any place they sell t-shirts>

5) Woodland BDU jacket* (they use ripstop, but you don't have to...we recommend poly/cotton twill)

Woodland M-65 Field Jacket*

Vermont's Barre Army Navy, or

*USMC shirts/jackets have the USMC device on the left breast pocket

or MARPAT Woodland or Desert shirt

Vermont's Barre Army Navy, or

6) USMC patches: Nametape over right breast pocket and over right rear pocket of BDU trousers. USMC branch tape over left breast pocket. Tapes will be in appropriate colors to match BDU pattern.

7)Stargate patches*: 3.5" SG Project, 4" SG-3, SG-5 or SG-12 Team.

*You can get them from: PatchGeeks, SciFiPatch or Starbase Atlanta

8 ) OD LBV, Molle vest or suspender-type LBE; PS vest.

or TAC Equipment Forced Entry Vest and can be found at Major's Surplus

9) Military Pistol Belt in OD (with grommets)

Vermont's Barre Army Navy,,, or

10) Blackhawk Omega VI tactical pistol holster in OD

11) 1 or 2 Military 1 quart canteens and canteen pouches in OD or

12) Combat knife or bayonet (USMC K-BAR or M-8/M-9) and sheath in OD
<check eBay or an Airsoft dealer for best prices>

13) Woodland US Marine Corps 6-point cover or PASGT helmet with Woodland or MARPAT cover & US Military goggles with tinted lens.

or MARPAT Woodland cover

Vermont's Barre Army Navy and

14) Dust Goggles/Sunglasses

15) Black leather gloves (standard US military issue)
<local surplus stores>

16) Weapons! Standard sidearms are the M-4, M-16/M-203, M-249 SAW, G-36 & the Beretta M-92 pistol. Many other M-16/M-4 variants have also been used.