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SG-Team Desert Off-World Uniform


The basic "Desert" costume is made of of the following items from the bottom up:

1) Altama Desert Boots:

Brigade Quartermasters, Ltd.

2) 3-Color Desert BDU trousers (they use ripstop, but you don't have to...we recommend poly/cotton twill)

Vermont's Barre Army Navy, or

3) Tan BDU belt (they use brass slide buckles on the show; standard black is acceptable as well).

most local surplus stores or

4) Brown (US Army issue, no pocket) Tee Shirt
<any place they sell t-shirts>

5) 3-Color Desert WEP G-8 jacket* (they use a custom made jacket in twill or -Season 9- ripstop) or 3-Color Desert MA-1 Jacket <local or online surplus stores>

*Custom jackets can be ordered through Dan Kim at: or from MAc (mgsm33) at:
Unmodified (original Navy/USMC pattern) G-8 WEP jackets in Nylon and/or Mountain Cloth fabrics are available from
Gibson & Barnes.

6)Stargate patches*: 3.5" SG Project, 4" SG Team, and 3.5" A51AP(added post Season 5)**

*on the show, these are not subdued!
**You can get them from: PatchGeeks, SciFiPatch or Starbase Atlanta

7) Heavily modified Eagle-style Tactical Vest in Tan;

8 ) Military Pistol Belt in Tan (with grommets)

Vermont's Barre Army Navy,,, or

9) Modified Tactical Holster in Tan or Blackhawk Omega VI tactical pistol holster in Tan

10) 1 or 2 Military 1 quart canteens and canteen pouches in Tan or

11) Combat knife or bayonet (M-8/M-9) and sheath

<check eBay or an Airsoft dealer for best prices>

12) Green or Taupe cap (for the O'Neill type baseball cap; take a look at what LT offers: ) or US Army BDU patrol or boonie cap in 3-Color Desert. PASGT helmet with 3-Color Desert cover & US Military goggles with tinted lens.

13) Dust Goggles/Sunglasses

14) Weapons! Standard sidearms are the H&K MP5A3/A5, the FN P-90* & the Beretta M-92 pistol. The M-249 SAW MG has also been used with this uniform, as has the Stinger shoulder-fired missile. In the desert versions, the weapons still use standard black slings.

*Our own QuarterMaster Corp offers an extremely accurate version of the SG-1/Atlantis P-90 sling:

SG-Operations - Quartermaster Corp - P90 Harness 
Make sure to contact us directly for special SG-Operations member pricing!

15) NON-CANON VARIANT: 6-COLOR DESERT ("Chocolate Chip")

This pattern has not been used on-screen, but is available. Same information as above applies, but trousers and hats should match jacket pattern.