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SG-Team ACU Off-World Uniform


The basic "ACU" costume is made of of the following items from the bottom up :

1) US Army issue "Hot" or "Temperate" boots.

These are available from Quartermaster and other suppliers.

2) ACU shirt and trousers
Vermont's Barre Army Navy, Quartermaster,, or

3) Tan ACU/BDU belt

most local surplus stores or

4) Light Tan undershirt (no pocket)
<any place they sell shirts>

5) Stargate patches: 3.5" SG Project and  with a US Flag patch worn on the left* (US Flag worn incorrectly per US Army Regs, but is canon to the show)

4" SG Team*

*You can get them from: PatchGeeks, SciFiPatch or Starbase Atlanta

Molle Modular Vest with Pouches, ACU Camo with additional ammo pouches

Vermont's Barre Army Navy,

or Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. - Elite Vest, ACO Camo with additional ammo pouches

7 ) Military Pistol Belt in Tan (with grommets),, or

8) Omega VI Ultra Holster tactical pistol holster in ACU pattern

9) 1 or 2 Military 1 quart canteens and canteen pouches in ACU pattern or

10) Combat knife or bayonet (M-8/M-9) and sheath

<check eBay or an Airsoft dealer for best prices>

11) ACU cover;
Vermont's Barre Army Navy or

12) Weapons! Standard sidearms are the M-4, M-16/M-203, H&K MP5A3/A5, M-249 SAW & the Beretta M-92 pistol. Many other M-16/M-4 variants have also been used, as have the Barrett M82 .50 sniper rifle and M-60 MGs.
Your favorite Airsoft dealer.

*Our own QuarterMaster Corp offers an extremely accurate version of the SG-1/Atlantis P-90 sling:

SG-Operations - Quartermaster Corp - P90 Harness 
Make sure to contact us directly for special SG-Operations member pricing!