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Russian Federation Off-World Uniform


The standard costume is made of of the following items from the bottom up :

1) Russian Para black leather combat boots*,
*Conjectural: It has been very difficult to accurately identify the actual boot; any lace-up black leather combat boots will do.

2) Russian "Dubok" / VSR (Schofield) pattern desert/mountain camouflage trousers.,

3) Olive web belt (exact type unknown)*

<most local surplus stores, or>
*Conjectural; the belt is never seen. Any Olive BDU belt should do.

4) Black Tee Shirt or mock-turtleneck (no pocket)
<any place they sell t-shirts>

5) Russian VSR (Schofield) pattern desert/mountain camouflage jacket.,

6)Stargate patches*: 3.5" Russian (Cyrillic) "SG 1" Team (Russian SG program)** or 3.5" SG Project and 4" SG-4 (SGC)

*You can get them from: PatchGeeks, SciFiPatch or Starbase Atlanta

7) South African/Rhodesian SA-83 LBV ("Entry Vest") with "Mud Brown" pouches*(Russian SG program)

*These are getting more expensive and increasingly difficult to find; a good option is the Black Entry Vest with the pouches replaced by those from the OD version.

or Blackhawk Omega Medic/Utility Vest in Black (SGC)
For modifications, see Gallery

8 ) Military Pistol Belt in Black (with grommets),, or

9) Brown (Russian) or Russet (East German) leather Makarov pistol holster; optional Khaki magazine pouches for AK-74 (Russian SG program) or Blackhawk Omega VI tactical pistol holster in Black (SGC).,or

10) Canteens and canteen pouches in Khaki

11) Combat knife or bayonet

12) Black beret with Russian Federation tricolor flash*.,
*Conjectural; the beret shown above is usually assigned to Naval Infantry (Police SPETSNAZ also wear a similar cover). Any black military beret that will flatten on the right will do.

13) Weapons!

Metamorphosis Russian SG team
2 x AKS-74U or equiv with GP-25 launcher
1 x SVD with PSOP - like scope
1 x PKM with ammo bag

The Tomb Russian team
2 x Zastava M85 equipped with Walther Red Dot scopes
2 x AK-47 (Zastava) with folding stock; full-length Zastava is the M80A.

Standard sidearms are the Zastava M85 assault rifle, a Yugoslavian version of the AKS-74U that fires US ammunition (optionally equiped with scope and tactical light) and Makarov 9mm automatic pistol.
The PKM light MG (no tripod) and Dragunov SVD sniper rifle have also been used.