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Atlantis Off-World Uniform




The basic "Atlantis Off-World" costume is made of of the following items from the bottom up:

1) Lowa Arko GTX - Men's Hiking Shoe - Camel

or Merrell Men's Eagle III Hiker Boot

or Magnum "Response" (formerly known as "Trooper") or Magnum "Stealth" boots.
Available at Quartermaster, but any police type tactical boot will do (canvas or nylon sides, but not the Jungle boot style)

2) Atantis Project trousers are based off of Mountain Hardwear's FastPak pants, although the 5.11 TACTICAL® Cotton Pants are a close substitute.

or Black BDU trousers (they use ripstop, but you don't have to...we recommend polyester/cotton twill)

Quartermaster,, or

3) Black BDU belt

most local surplus stores or

4) EMS Men's Techwick Quarter-Zip Shirt, Long Sleeve color matched to Jacket's Panel/Strip

or Black Tee Shirt or mock-turtleneck (no pocket)
<any place they sell t-shirts>

5) There are two different Atlantis Project Jackets, the one on the left is from Seasons 1-3, while the two on the right are from Season 4. Both Atlantis Conversion Jacket are lined Dickies Eisenhower jacket with color panels/stripes, faux stitching on back, replaced main zipper, etc.*
Jacket colors: Charcoal Grey, Black, Tan
Panel colors:
- Black = Security Force (Lt Col Shepherd)
- Maroon Red = Operations (Dr Weir & Tayla)
- Blue = Sciences (Dr McKay)
- Yellow = Health Sciences (Dr Beckett)
- Forest Green = Technical Operations (Gate Room Tech)
- Grey = Special Operations (Strike Team in Season 3)

*Custom jackets of either type can be ordered through Dan Kim at:

6) Atlantis patches*: 4" Atlantis Project and 4" Country Flag
*You can get them from: PatchGeeks, SciFiPatch or Starbase Atlanta

7) Blackhawk Omega Tactical Vest in Black*

*Mods: Rear D-rings on shoulders are replaced with Fastex-type buckles as per SG-1 vest; VISAR antenna protrudes through top left portion of the flap of the first chest pouch on the left-side (NOT the shoulder pouch as on SG-1).

8) Military Pistol Belt in Black (with grommets)

Vermont's Barre Army Navy,,, or

9) Blackhawk Omega VI tactical pistol holster in Black

10) 1 or 2 Military 1 quart canteens and canteen pouches in Black or

11) Combat knife or bayonet (M-8/M-9) and sheath

<check eBay or an Airsoft dealer for best prices>

12) Standard weapons are the Beretta M-92 pistol.

and FN P-90 (without laser)*

Your favorite Airsoft dealer.

*Our own QuarterMaster Corp offers an extremely accurate version of the SG-1/Atlantis P-90 sling:

SG-Operations - Quartermaster Corp - P90 Harness 
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