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Nemesis-class Heavy Battlecruisers (sometimes known as a Deep Space Carrier or BC-314) are fictional spacecraft based on the science fiction television shows, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Also referred to as a Deep Space Carrier and a 314, the Nemesis class is the third generation of Earth battlecruisers and is designed to combat enemy ships, such as the Goa'uld, Ori and Wraith class motherships. It succeeds the Prometheus and Daedalus as the main vessel operated by the United States Air Force and its allies on the two series.

There is currently only one confirmed active spacecraft in the Nemesis class series: the SG-SOCOM-operated Nemesis.


The Nemesis class is fitted with much of the same advanced alien technology as the Daedalus class battlecruiser, only all integrated into the original design before construction, as opposed to being "tacked on after the fact" as was the case with the Prometheus and Odyssey, as Lt. Col. Samantha Carter put it.


The Nemsis class contains a great deal of Asgard technology, notably its intergalactic hyperdrive, shields and beaming technology. The Nemesis is also equipped with energy weapons, an Asgard computer core, and other technologies, which Samantha Carter describes as "truly amazing". The addition of the Asgard weapon systems were made possible when the Asgard upgraded the Odyssey before their race commits suicide due to a genetic disorder.


The Nemsis class ships also have the same ring transporters as Goa'uld vessels, which are known ultimately to be an Ancient creation. These rings are compatible with rings onboard Ori motherships as well as traditional Goa'uld emplacements. When temporarily genetically enhanced by Lantian technology, Rodney McKay wrote a formula on how to enhance the shields on the Daedalus, it is unknown if it was ever used.

General Characteristics
Class Nemesis
Registry 314
Refit Facilities Fully equipped repair facilities
Medical Facilities 10 beds, one doctor, & 5 nurses
Fighters 32 F-302 Fighters
Other Craft 5 modified Puddle Jumpers
Asgard Pulsed energy weapons
Mk 3 and 8 Nuclear ordinance
Ancient Cloaking Device
Asgard Shields
Trinium Hull
Asgard Hyperdrive
95 PSL Max Sub-light Speed
Naqahdriah Generators
The Nemesis class carries numerous Mark III and Mark VIII tactical nuclear warheads and a number of railguns. Generally speaking, the primary armament used by the Nemsis-class vessels is the missile complement which is fired using vertical launching systems, with all missile emplacements appearing at the bow and ventral hull emplacements, like the Odyssey. Unlike conventional vertical launch systems, it is possible to access the loaded missiles from inside the ship, to swap their warheads, or entire missiles. In Stargate Atlantis season three's "No Man's Land", Colonel Caldwell orders the safety protocols to be disabled so that it is possible for them to fire all their Mk. III nuclear missiles the moment they exit hyperspace to increase the chance of a missile achieving a direct hit and not being intercepted by the Wraith Darts.

In addition to a thick armor hull that is capable of withstanding brief but intense fire from a Wraith Hive-Ship, the Nemesis class vessels are fitted with advanced Asgard shielding that can defend the ship from incoming hostile fire.

Similar in physical design as the Daedalus class battlecruiser, as seen on Stargate Atlantis, the Nemesis  is slightly larger and has the same physical differences from the Prometheus. It is sleeker and lacks the large aft tower. Like the Daedalus class battlecruiser, the The Nemesis-class also has four additional engine emplacements on each side, making the rearmost part of the ship wider than that of the Prometheus. There is a large square structure on the ship's bow the purpose of which is unknown. F-302 bays are located on both sides of the ship, below and out from the main hull along the rear.

There were huge advantages in space-savings with the increased usage of alien technologies, thus the Nemesis class battlecruiser is able to carry more fighters, cargo and troops than its slightly smaller Daedalus class predessors. The Nemeis' shields are also capable of standing up to multiple Wraith Hive-Ships or Goa'uld motherships in combat.

The Nemesis class has two hangar bays on either side, and is capable of carrying up to 32 F-302s, as well as, 5 reverse engineered Puddle Jumpers with cloaking technology. The hangars come with doors and shields to prevent decompression and expulsion into space.
Name Hull number Base of Operation Status Commander
Nemesis 01 SG-SOCOM / USA Active TBD

The Nemesis (a 314) is the first starship to be produced of the Nemesis class of heavy battlecruisers. Based on known data of the Daedalus class battlecruiser, it is believed that the ship took about one year to construct.


The Nemesis class battlecruiser was the brainchild of Area 51's "Athena Project". Staying true to Greek mythos, the "Athena Project" was named after Athena, Ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom, crafts and strategic battle. With the technological discoveries found at the Ancient Outpost on Antarctica and Atlantis, combined with the Asgard technologies, the engineers at Area 51 redoubled their efforts to build a battlecruiser that would surpass the Prometheus and Daedalus class battlecruisers in every way. Blending all available technologies in an effort to build a unique ship capable of taking the fight to not only their old adversaries, the Goa'uld, but more importantly, the newer threats; the Asurans, Ori and Wraith. With the defeat of the fleet by the Ori at the SuperGate, the "Athena Project" was given full funding and the Nemesis class battlecruiser was finally born.  The Nemesis was launched from Earth less then 6 months after the Ori invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy. Powered with at least one  ZPM, the ship's Asgard hyperdrive enables the Nemesis to reach the Pegasus Galaxy and Atlantis in only four days . However, without the Ancient power source, it takes Nemesis approximately 3 weeks to travel between Earth and Atlantis.

In addition to serving as an effective transport, the Nemesis has experienced marked success in its function as a warship. With the main threat in the Pegasus Galaxy being the Wraith, the Nemesis is usually pitted against Wraith Hive-Ships, which severely outclass the smaller ship in size, firepower, and the capability of carrying fighter craft. The overall size of the vessels make them difficult to destroy with anything less than nuclear weapons, which are carried in only limited numbers and are easily destroyed prior to detonation against a Hive-Ships hull. However, the advanced Asgard shielding aboard the Nemesis has allowed her to stay in a battle long after a Hive-Ship would have succumbed, and she has held her own in battle against the Wraith (sometimes against more than one Hive-Ship) and has scored numerous kills against the larger vessels. With the recent emergence of the Ori battlecruisers in the Milky Way Galaxy, the various Ancient, Asgard, and Goa'uld technologies will take this ship's name sake to heart. Meant to be the tip of the spear, the Nemesis was assigned to SG-SOCOM.

The ship is named after Nemesis, Ancient Greek goddess of Retribution. She is commanded by USAF TBD.