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In the science fiction television show Stargate SG-1, the Alpha Site is the codename of the secondary off-world base of Earth's Stargate Command (SGC). These bases are used in case an evacuation of the SGC is necessary. Off-world SG teams will contact the Alpha Site in case they are unable to make contact with the SGC, and its location is changed to a different planet if the location is compromised.

The Alpha Site was also used by Earth's allies: mainly the Tok'ra, and Rebel Jaffa if they required a secure location to hide from the Goa'uld. The Alpha Site has also been used as a testing facility for Earth's new prototype spacecraft. It also monitors gate activity and keeps a log of all incoming wormholes.

The Alpha Site is not the only back-up facility operated by the SGC. At least since 2004, there has been a Beta Site, and in season 9, the Gamma Site was seen.


There have been at least three Alpha Sites during the course of Stargate SG-1.
The first Alpha Site was located on a planet unaware to the Goa'uld, designated P3X-984 by the SGC. Probably, the planet's location was deduced from the list of Stargates downloaded into the SGC's computer by Jack O'Neill after his encounter with the Ancient Repository of Knowledge, as the planets on the Abydos cartouche, the only other known list of Stargate addresses, were all known to the Goa'uld.

The base itself was largely constructed out of prefabricated compounds, suggesting it was constructed only as a temporary base. The Alpha Site occasionally served as a location neutral to Tok'ra and rebel Jaffa forces, who eventually took refuge there. However, the tensions between the Tok'ra and Jaffa was high, and once, this tension almost escalated into open conflict after the base was invaded by an Ashrak.

When Anubis probed Jonas Quinn's mind in 2003, the location of the Alpha Site was compromised. The base was subsequently moved to another planet.

The second Alpha sited was constructed on another planet. It was also a collection of prefabricated compounds, although this could have been only the first step in the construction of a more permanent base, as this Alpha Site was compromised only months after its establishment. The gate was brought to the planet by a Tok'ra ship, making it an entirely new address and thus unknown to everyone except the SGC and it's allies.

In late 2003, the Alpha Site was attacked by several Kull Warriors under control of Anubis, as several Tau'ri and Tok'ra scientists were developing a weapon to be used against the super-soldiers there. However, before the Kull Warriors could completely take over the base, the officer in charge of the facility, Colonel Riley, ordered a self-destruct of the base to protect the sensitive information from being taken, killing at least one of the Warriors in the process. Many of the Alpha Site's personnel evacuated to the Beta Site, the base's off-world back-up, and a small number of other personnel managed to survive the explosion and the Kull Warriors until help arrived.

At last report, over 60 SGC personnel were unaccounted for in the hours following the attack. The second Alpha Site was abandoned, and an investigation failed to uncover who betrayed the base's location to Anubis.

The current Alpha Site is also constructed on a planet unknown to the Goa'uld, designated P4X-650, again probably taken from the Ancients' list of Stargate addresses. This Alpha Site is set up like a miniature version of the SGC at Cheyenne Mountain, and was also built inside a mountain. The base also had a runway for the F-302. It appears to be a permanent location.

In early 2005, the human-form Replicator known as RepliCarter visited the facility, as part of a ruse to rid herself of Fifth and learn more about the Ancient Replicator disruptor.
In Stargate Atlantis, the Atlantis Expedition also searched for an Alpha Site. However, they had great difficulty finding a suitable planet for an Alpha Site, since all inhabited worlds are subject to periodic culling by the Wraith and most uninhabited worlds are uninhabited for good reason. However, eventually the expedition discovered a suitable planet, although the established base had to be abandoned after being compromised by the Wraith.

Another Alpha Site was eventually established. This is where Michael was brought after he discovered the truth about his identity. Just like Earth's first Alpha Sites, this base was also composed of prefabricated compounds.

The Beta Site was a secondary off-world base on an unknown planet in the Milky Way. Many Alpha Site troops evacuated to the Beta Site after the Alpha Site was discovered and attacked by the forces of Anubis. There the Tok'ra and Jaffa rebels feuded over how the Goa'uld discovered the secret base.

The Beta Site was also the name given to the Alpha Site equivalent in an alternate reality that Daniel Jackson visited by use of the Quantum Mirror. There, the Beta Site was a refuge from Apophis' invasion of Earth, though only a handful of people made it there. Another Beta Site was mentioned by refugees from yet another alternate reality.

The Gamma Site was a research outpost established on a planet 24,000 light years from Earth. Being primarily a scientific research center, the base was equipped with laboratories for several fields including biology, botany, entomology and physics. More than 30 scientists were conducting research at any given time. The first Gamma Site was selected for the planet's unique radioactive ionosphere. The radiation made beaming of surface targets difficult, even with Asgard sensors. Also, all life signs appear scattered. The base itself was also a permanent facility, and had several F-302's attached to it. In 2006, several inspectors of the IOA visited the Gamma Site.

escorted by SG-1. At the time, a certain species of insect, designated R75, apparently a creation of the Ori was being studied at the base. When R75 insects eventually broke containment and mutated to become carnivorous, the visiting delegation from the IOA was evacuated by SG-1. After it became evident the facility was lost to the insects, the CO of the Gamma Site decided to activate the autodestruct, destroying the base. It is likely all members of the facility were killed by either the insects or in the explosion. The planet itself was eventually sterilized by the Odyssey after rescuing SG-1 and the diplomats.

The Gamma site later relayed a message from Earth to Teal'c near the Supergate, suggesting it had been either rebuilt or moved to another planet.

The Omega site, similar to the third Alpha Site, is set up like a larger version of the SGC at Cheyenne Mountain, and was also built inside a mountain complex. However, this complex is meant to be able to sustain full off-world operations of the SGC in the event that the Earth should fall into enemy hands or its forces destroyed. The Omega Site, also boasts a full complement of defensive installations, as well as, repair and manufacturing capabilities to ensure its own defenses and ability to function independently should the need arise.